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"SUMMER" LM Records Compilation




SUMMER! Rain Storms, Rock Shows and the first official Leakmob Records Comp Is here!!!! Featuring some of our favorite artists and new friends that you are going to LOVE. Just to make things a little sweeter we are giving 5% of any sales directly to the American Heart Association. Know that buy buying this COMP you are supporting all of the artists directly featured on it!

1. Stages and Stereos "Anchorless"
2. And By Love "The Man Reflecting"
3. Freshman 15 "Our California Song"
4. Friday Night Trend "Just Like A Movie"
5. June Divided "Backbone"
6. City Of The Weak "White Fire Alarm"
7. Farewell Fighter "Terminal"
8. You Me and Everyone We Know "A Great Big Hole"
9. We Are One "Darling"
10. Aria "Unrequited Love"

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